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How To Self-Care According To Your Zodiac Sign

So many women, especially mothers, find themselves tending to the needs of others, whether it is their spouses, kids, or parents, and they get their homes taken care of while they have very little energy left to care for themselves. Therefore, they consistently keep putting their needs on the back burner.

Many of these women are working at a full-time job too. As a result, many women burn out and keep attempting to pour from an empty cup when they can’t. That is why on July 24th, which is Inter

Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces: You Will Plan The Best Summer Vacation

A nice vacation is something that everyone needs now and then to get away from the daily grind, and the best times to go away are during the summer and winter. People need a winter vacation to break from the cold, snow, or dreary weather.

Summer is when people want to relax and take advantage of the great weather as they go and explore new and different places. Kids are out of school, which is the best time for families to travel.

Some of those with heavy zodiac sign influences that don’t care

What Are The Astrological Associations Of The Enneagram Types?

The Enneagram is a popular personality model and tool that people use in order to learn more about themselves, their behavior, as well as the behavior of others in their lives. Additionally, it is a great tool to use for purposes such as knowing what they want career-wise, relationship-wise, as well as using it for growth.

Many people don't realize that the Enneagram has associations with astrology. Each personality type is connected to a certain planet and sign which can actually help people d

Why You’ve Been Unhappy Lately, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Many people are content with their lives and are comfortable in their skin, and these happy individuals may not have the best lives but work with what they have. And appreciate life. However, plenty more others are not overly happy in life more often than not. And many of those who are not happy have lives that so many others would envy, such as having healthy relationships, kids, and being financially comfortable. So since they have those wonderful things going for them, why are they not as hap

7 Reasons Why So Many People Love Astrology And Swear By It

7 Reasons Why So Many People Love Astrology And Swear By It

You didn’t get the email someone had asked you about, and your office had a power outage the same afternoon. Your car wouldn’t start in the parking lot when you reached it.

Immediately after the ignition failed to start, you yelled out how much you hate Mercury being retrograde (by the way, Mercury is not in retrograde right now).

Mercury in retrograde was the first thing that came to mind when you missed your email, experienced a po

Why the Six of Wands Reversed Is a Warning to Not Ignore

Why the Six of Wands Reversed Is a Warning to Not Ignore

When you hear about the Six of Wands, victory is the one thing you think of. That is the word that would come to your mind.

That is right because the Six of Wands tarot card is all about victory and triumph.

The Six of Wands Upright Represents Triumph

It symbolizes a time of progress when everything falls into place, and you are on the verge of achieving your goals.

You will likely succeed if you take risks and pursue what you want. A

10 Ex-People-Pleasers Share The Insane Things They Did For Approval

10 Ex-People-Pleasers Share The Insane Things They Did For Approval

People-pleasers are desperate for others to accept them, and they can go to great lengths. I stumbled upon an article from Buzzfeed from December 2022 about what ex-people-pleasers did to make others happy, 21 Former People Pleasers Are Sharing The Dumbest Thing They’ve Done For Someone, And Shocked Is An Understatement. I don’t recall ever going that overboard during my people-pleasing days.

The stories were collected on Redd

10 Tarot Cards That Show Up When A Break Up Is Nearing

One of the reasons that many people get tarot readings is that they want to know what is in store for them relationship-wise. Single people who are looking for love want to know if they will be finding their special partner sometime soon. Those who are in relationships who go for these readings want to know where their relationships are headed.

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More often than not, those who are in unhappy relationships will hire a tarot reader to provi